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The workshops are run by Brighton based filmmakers Toni Harman & Alex Wakeford, an award-winning professional filmmaking team with broadcast and internationally distributed short films, feature film and documentary credits.

Toni and Alex both trained at the London Film School. Since graduating 20 years ago, Toni has worked as a freelance producer/director on numerous broadcast factual programmes and documentaries and Alex as a freelance cinematographer and has been DOP on feature films, short films, documentaries and commercials.

Toni and Alex have their own independent feature film production company called Alto Films ltd. Through Alto Films Ltd, they made their first feature film CREDO, a feature length psychological horror has sold internationally including a U.S. release by Hollywood Studio Lionsgate and a UK release by Guerilla Films.

Through their company Alto Films Ltd, Toni and Alex have also produced and directed several feature-length documentaries including:

DOULA! (60 mins, 2010) – a film about birth companions, made for £1000 budget, that has sold around the world – making 60 times its original budget!

FREEDOM FOR BIRTH ( 60 mins, 2012) – a film about human rights in childbirth, that has sold around the world including being broadcast in multiple countries, and has had over 1000 public screenings in 50 countries in 17 languages.

MICROBIRTH (60 mins, 2014) – a film about the origins of the human microbiome. The film won the top award, the Grand Prix Award at the Life Sciences Film Festival in Prague in 2014 and is now being distributed internationally including being broadcast in many countries worldwide.

Toni and Alex have also made a string of successful short films including 35mm film Daddy’s Boy which won the Silver Melies Award for Best European Short Film and played in over 20 major international film festivals. Their trilogy of three short films  Tube Hell, Bus Hell and Taxi Hell have been broadcast in over 40 countries worldwide.

Toni and Alex are currently working on a cross-platform global feature-length documentary about bacteria for release in 2016!

Brighton Film Workshops Tutors: Alex Wakeford (left) & Toni Harman (right)

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