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What Previous Participants Have Said!

Here’s some comments from attendees of previous workshops:

“Best workshop I’ve attended so far!” 

“Good practical experience and general tips for a much cheaper workshop than other workshops.”

“Frickin’ amazing workshop!”

“I think the cost is just right as we’re using industry equipment.”

“Thanks for the great time.”

“It’s lively. Toni & Alex are great people. I loved them both. They know what they’re doing.”

“I think it’s the best decision I’ve had for years and years! it was absolutely amazing, revealing, experiential and billions of other things!”

“A lot was covered in a relatively short space of time.”

“Led by experienced film-makers with full film equipment.”

“Not enough workshops like this so very worthwhile.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed it for your enthusiasm and energy.”

“Because it’s a comfortable environment…nice people with kind instructors.”

“I just want to thank you…”

“I enjoyed and appreciated the chance to shoot a scene as it was the first practical experience I’ve had.”

“It was good value for money because of the equipment we had access to throughout the day and the chance to work in different roles.”

“I found having to act quite difficult though I know how important it is for a director to understand that it’s like for actors.”

“My expectations were met as I was being given the opportunity to be a director for a small amount of time.”

“Thanks for your time and expertise.”

“I got to create a scene in which we could be creative and put a spin on it and tell actors what we wanted.”

“It was very good experience and in-depth”

“I learnt to deal with actors in high pressure situations.”

“My expectations were definitely met. I now know how to work with actors”

“It was definitely good value for money. I learnt a lot and have more idea of several roles.”


Brighton Film Workshops providing practical film experience

Brighton Film Workshops providing practical film experience

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