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COMING SOON: How To Make Business Videos

One Day Workshop on How To Make High-Quality Business Videos For Low-Cost

Date:                                   COMING SOON

Time:                                   10am – 5pm

Venue:                                Brighton Media Centre Film Studio


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Earlybird Price:

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**This workshop is also available as a bespoke training package where we can deliver this training in your workplace. For more information on this, please phone Toni Harman on 07770 794233**

Workshop Outline

In today’s world, every business needs video. Videos make perfect business sense. Videos enable you to connect with your clients instantly. They are the most powerful medium to communicate messages and done well, videos can create a massive impact -they can give a company the WOW factor.

And right now, with budgets being squeezed tighter than ever before, many businesses are recognising the need to create high quality marketing and training videos themselves in-house for low or no-cost.

So if you’re a business, you might need:

* A training video to teach staff new skills / techniques.

* A health and safety video for your employees / site visitors.

*An online marketing video with the potential to go viral that drives sales.

*A “meet-the-business” video embedded on your site to gain customer trust.

* A sales video to promote your hot new product.

* A video-based information product or educational course.

* A sharp sales video to play at your next big business pitch!

The truth is you don’t actually need to spend much to shoot high quality professional video footage. Ideally, you would hire or buy an HD video camera, a microphone, some lights – but you can also create some great footage just using your smart-phone or even a webcam. You just need to know what to do with them!

When it comes to post-production, that is the actual editing and delivery of the videos as a DVD or as online video, all you need to produce high-quality professional video is some off-the-shelf edit software which you can buy for under £100.00 and a fast computer.

So what’s stopping every company producing videos in-house themselves, without hiring in film professionals or the services of expensive video production company?

The answer is knowledge.

What’s worse than a business that makes their own videos? A business that makes their own videos badly.

Just think how damaging it could be to your company’s reputation to release a video that is out-of focus, under/over-exposed, where the sound is terrible, where the framing is appalling and which overall, reeks of shoddy workmanship. Is that the image you want to portray to your clients or customers?

But there are simple practical tricks and secrets to making high-quality quality professional business videos for low/no cost that can be learned in one day. And anyone can learn them.

Honestly, by coming on this workshop, someone can transform their filmmaking so no shot will ever be out-of-focus again, everything will be properly exposed and the audio will be clear as a bell. And the message will be sharper than ever before.

And once you learn those skills and secrets, they can use them on every video your company needs saving the business hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

No previous experience necessary. All equipment provided. Includes bumper set of hand-outs. And what’s more, this workshop is fun!

Workshop Leaders

This practical workshop is taught by  film industry professionals with twenty years experience making videos for many corporate clients, from small one-man businesses to blue-chip multi-national companies.

The workshops leaders have made videos for companies including: BP, Centrica, British Gas, the Ford Motor Company, the Body Shop, the Labour Party, TUC, Kingfisher, Scottish Amicable, Somerfield, WHSMith, Thomson Holidays, Virgin Atlantic, various charities & small businesses and many more besides.

Workshop Schedule

10:00 Introduction to business videos.

Examples of successful and unsuccessful corporate videos – the do’s & don’t’s of making a business video. What businesses’ get right & more importantly, what they can get so wrong. What equipment is needed to make your video.

The essentials of making a video: the idea, scriptwriting, producing, budgeting, scheduling & pre-production.

11:00  practical training on how to use a video camera & sound equipment & basic lighting

How to set up and operate  an HD video camera, set up the tripod, set focus, exposure, white balance, colour balance, audio controls, record on the media cards / tape.

How to set up a microphone and where to place it (including directional and radio microphones).

The basics of 3 point lighting to make your subject look great – including how to shoot with available light to best effect.

13:00 Lunch (not provided)

13:45 Practical tuition on how to shoot and direct elements to create a business video – these skills can be applied to make any type of video:

How to shoot and direct interviews – including top tips on how to make the interviewee look and sound great!

How to shoot and direct an engaging piece to camera – where the “subject” talks directly to camera.

How to shoot and direct filmed sequences (wide shots, mid-shots, close-ups) – including the list of shots you absolutely have to film!

How to shoot and direct great product or pack-shots.

15:30 Break

15:45 Editing principles. How to piece together your videos from the elements you have filmed. Covering picture, audio, music & simple graphics.

17:00 Workshop ends.

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